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is there a monster in your mortgage?


If you got your mortgage over 6 months ago you’re paying too much in monthly interest.  VA and FHA rates are at 50 Year Lows… 

Take 60 seconds to see if there’s a Monster In Your Mortgage and see what you qualify for!

Refinancing doesn’t have to be scary.

We compare offers from over 20 VA & FHA lenders to find you the lowest rate out there.

The experts at Service 1st Mortgage compare offers from lenders to get you the best deal on your VA or FHA insured loan…without the telemarketers.

who’s the monster in your mortgage?

Every month when you send in your mortgage payment, the bank is keeping more than HALF of your payment.  The amount of money your throw away every month is downright SCARY!  The Mortgage Monster steals from you every month, but here at Service 1st Mortgage we have the game plan to fight him!

How To Fight the Mortgage Monster



Answer some basic questions about your mortgage.  Don’t worry, we don’t want your social security number! 


We Get To Work

Based on your answers, our team of licensed humans and super smart robots compare offers from multiple lenders.


We Will Contact You

One of our licensed loan specialists will reach out to you.  Don’t wan’t a call?  ust tell us to text or email you.

rates are SCARY low.  get yours Today.


Year in Business

Billions in Mortgages Refinanced

Why Use Service 1st Mortgage

Wholesale Discounted Rates

We don’t have expensive offices, flashy commercials and high overhead.  This allows us to charge very little for your loan and get you an amazing deal.

VA and FHA Experts

20+ years in focusing on government insured loans gives you access to the top experts.  Avoid a nightmare experience by going with a professional.

U.S.A. based Loan Officers

Ever called and had to press 0 over and over to talk to a person? All of your calls will be answered by a live US based loan officer.  We’re here for you.

No Junk Fees

We never hide extra costs in your loan just to make a buck.

Low Credit OK

Good credit = best deal, but we go down to a credit score of 1.

100% Lowest Rates

When you use a broker, you get access to scary low rates.

rates are SCARY low.  get yours Today.

We’re experts on 22% of all mortgages in America. 

Big Banks are ‘experts’ in everything. 

Don’t use a ‘Jack of all Loans, Master of None’ to get the best deal on your home loan.

Big lenders love lending on government FHA and VA loans because they can’t lose.  Service 1st closes and funds hundreds of loans every month, forcing lenders to chase and beg like hungry dogs for our business.

When banks compete for your loan, YOU WIN!   

The secret to getting the best deal on your mortgage refinance is to find the cheapest money out there.  The volume of government loans we fund on a monthly basis makes wholesale lenders chase our business, offering the lowest interest rates out there.  At Service 1st Mortgage, when banks compete for our business, you win.  We give you Walmart-style discounted rates with white glove All-American service.


Access to the best VA and FHA lenders.


Access to lowest mortgage rates as soon as they’re out.


Our great staff specializes in government mortgage loans.

rates are SCARY low.  get yours Today.

Know Who You’re Dealing With

There’s a lot of scams out there.  Check all 3 government references before choosing any VA or FHA approved mortgage lender.


Nationwide Multistate Licensing System

 NMLS ID: 112210 


Department of Veterans Affairs

VA Lender Number: 6596620000


Federal Housing Administration

NMLS ID: 112210